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A New URL for the Realm toys

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the Official the Realm Toys blog is heading to domain, existing at a new address. Please update and set your bookmarks to:

The blog and the links at the wordpress domain will remain for those who may have blogged about or deep-linked to content here, so don’t worry about links in your blogs suddenly going dead. New updates, however, will no longer appear here. For that, you’ll need to go to the new address at

All the content that appeared here from April 2009 to January 2010 has been moved to the new URL, including your comments.


AREA 51 subject of studio bidding war

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by: Austin Welch     source: The New York Times


Thanks to the sizeable buzz of his current film, Paranormal Activity, director Oren Peli’s next project, Area 51, is currently the subject of a heated bidding war between various studios. Continue reading

Scratched Disc: October 20th

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by: the Moleman


Well it’s DVD Tuesday and it’s time to run down the ones that might matter to you. Who am I kidding? This is the stuff that we think you should go out and buy because we told you so. Continue reading

TRANSFORMERS 2 DVD: Too many to choose from?

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by: the Moleman     source


Well tomorrow is the day that the worst movie of the summer comes out on DVD and as if that wasn’t bad enough there are 300 different versions to choose from. Check out the gallery of DVD Editions to choose from Continue reading

Kurtzman/Orci to pass on TFs3, focus on ST2

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by: Austin Welch    source:

Following the recent news that Michael Bay has put aside a couple of pet projects in order to gear up for Transformers 3 – set for a July 1, 2011 release – comes the word that the original scribes for the first two installments of the franchise may not be returning. Continue reading

VOLTRON gets an agent!

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by: Austin Welch    source: The Hollywood Reporter

Unless you’ve been in a cave, you know that there will eventually be a live-action Voltron movie – rights holders World Events Productions sold the rights years ago.  Currently, Atlas Entertainment and Kickstart Prioductions are hard at work, and as soon as they land a writer, they will shop it to studios.  But it seems we may inundated with the V-man on multiple fronts in the near future. Continue reading

I'd vote for him!

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by Chris Eaton-


Just some random awesomeness!

Continue reading