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A New URL for the Realm toys

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the Official the Realm Toys blog is heading to domain, existing at a new address. Please update and set your bookmarks to:

The blog and the links at the wordpress domain will remain for those who may have blogged about or deep-linked to content here, so don’t worry about links in your blogs suddenly going dead. New updates, however, will no longer appear here. For that, you’ll need to go to the new address at

All the content that appeared here from April 2009 to January 2010 has been moved to the new URL, including your comments.


They who will be hunted: PREADATORS cast announced!

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by Chris Eaton- Source: Darkhorizons


Well..I didn’t see THIS coming.

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Update: Robert Rodriguez's Predators

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by: the Moleman     source: Reel Hawaii


According to Tim Ryan’s Reel Hawaii, Scouts for 20th Century Fox have been… well, scouting the jungles of Hawaii for Predators.  The studio hopes to find the right location for an 18 day shoot. Continue reading

PREDATORS has found its director…..

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by Chris Eaton-


We reported here last week that Neil Marshal was in the running to direct the Robert Rodriguez produced “Relaunch-qual” of PREDATOR.

Well, it seem that the race has been finished, and the winner is…..

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Podcast Episode 3: A Terrible, Funny Death

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by: the Moleman

I’ve posted Episode 3 below for all of you. If you want to hear more be sure to visit our Podcasts page.

We’re working on integrating our podcasts into iTunes. Please be patient as we try to figure out how the hell to do that. =P

In the meantime, enjoy.

Episode 3: A Terrible, Funny Death (6-14-09)
1) intro (2:43), 2) directors announced for Predators/
Conan (12:21), 3) G.I. Joe troubles (19:51), 4) remakes (27:52),
5) 1984 Part I (9:32)
Crew: Chris, George, Austin, John, Cesar, Sergio, Dawn, Erik, Abby

Dear Lord.. Please let this come to pass: POSSIBLE DIRECTOR FOR NEW PREDATOR FILM!!!!!!

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by Chris Eaton-

If I was a religious man, I’d be down on my hands and knees right now praying to every sort of god that there is to make this happen.

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