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Games of PAX 2009

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by: Robert “fReAk” Dillard


A¬†few weeks back I went to PAX 2009 in Seattle, WA – along with about 80,000 other geeks, nerds, cosplayers; I call them gamers. This is a little con put on by the amazing team at Penny Arcade where gamers can get hands on with lots & lots of games. Everything from games coming out next week to games not yet in closed alpha; from board games and CCG’s to games controlled by keyboard and glove…yea, picture Nintendo’s Power Glove on crack.

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SHANK it ain't your kids game!

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by Robert “fReAk” Dillard

Most of us gamers graduated from 2D side scrollers when we were….like eight years old! Recently I spent time at PAX 2009 and fell in love with a little masterpiece called SHANK!

SHANK, an indie game, is being released by a little company called klei entertainment. They haven’t given us any details on pricing or release dates. My thoughts are I’m in all the cool kids are doing it!

The main character in SHANK is like a Ginsu knife. He slices, dices, he jumps off the roof and stabs you in the face! Now put the kids to bed and watch the video…