Take a listen and enjoy our Podcasts and audio interviews. We will have them available fo download soon.

Episode 5: Coming Soon

Episode 4:
Trailer Talk, Indiana Jones V, Chris <3 Sean Penn,
1984 Part II
Episode 3:
G.I. Joe Troubles. Directors announced for
Predators,  Remakes, 1984 Part I
Episode 2:
BotCon Overview plus Movie Reviews: Terminator,
Drag Me to Hell, Up and The Hangover
Episode 1:
Take me to the Pilot

12 Responses to “Podcasts”

  1. […] A bonus podcast for the masses!  Way back in the spring, we did three ‘test’ shows, and after working out the kinks, we launched the RealmCast with what you now know as Episode 1.  However, we recently listened to some of this early material, and decided that there was enough good material amongst the tall trees to compiled this ‘best of’ episode.  Of course, the subject matter is woefully out of date, but we hope you’ll enjoy listening to us stumble as we find our way, and feel out a format.  In true comic book fashion, we decided to label it Episode 0.  Keep in mind, this material comes from three different sessions in March and April, so if it seems a bit disjointed, that’s why.  But we’ve edited it in a way that hopefully makes sense.  Enjoy, and as always, don’t forget to check out our other shows! […]

  2. […] A good, tight show.  We managed to keep our ramblings under an hour & a half this time.  Kings of restraint be we!  As always, don’t forget to listen to our past shows! […]

  3. […] Another hen party for yer lis-nin’ pleasure.  Don’t forget to check out our past shows. […]

  4. […] Another great show, with a sweet Matrix anniversary discussion! Don’t forget to check out our past shows. […]

  5. […] We here at The Realm think this was a pretty good show.  We hope you feel the same.  We also wanted to relay our intention on posting the shows much sooner after the recording date.  We’ve had to attend to some pressing matters of late, but you should see quicker turnaround in the weeks to come.  Don’t forget to check out our past shows! […]

  6. […] The debut of our new member, Rob.  Right out of the gate, he gives us full coverage of the Penny Arcade Expo 2009!  Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out our past shows. […]

  7. […] dozenth show.  And they said it wouldn’t last!  Don’t forget to check out our past shows, and swing by Itunes to download the shows for […]

  8. […] in the next week, so be sure to check back soon for more shenanigans!  Also, don’t forget to check out our past shows, and look us up at Itunes to download the shows for free right into your portable […]

  9. […] and greatest, debuting our new intro/outro themes.  Enjoy!  Don’t forget to check out our past shows, and tell us what you think about the […]

  10. […] last week on our podcast, I proclaimed that after seeing the Comic Con footage, that the one studio I saw picking this up […]

  11. […] by the end of the week, and then we’ll be all caught up.  Don’t forget to see the podcast page, and don’t be shy about responding to the […]

  12. […] new podcasts for you to enjoy.  Don’t forget to visit the podcast page for our past shows.  Please drop us a line and let us know what you think about our […]

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