oh no… King of Fighters Movie?!

By: Cesar Aguirre


Good god, is there some race to make the worst video game movie I’m unaware of? It hasn’t been long since The legend of Chun Li “graced” our poor little eyes and now THIS comes up…

MOVIESET had this exclusive behind the scenes interview

Vodpod videos no longer available.

……… Seriously? Why is it that no one looks anything like the character they’re suppose to be playing? What the hell is up with this alternate dimension stuff? This ain’t Mortal Kombat! Why is Iori the mysterious Hockey fighter?

The only good thing  I can see in this movie is Ray park, the guys awesome to no end but I don’t believe he alone can save this flick.
I guess at this point we can only hope it isn’t as bad as ‘The Legend of Chun Li’ and is at least as “good” as ‘Street Fighter The Movie”


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