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Words fail me at the moment.  I have a strong love for almost all things STREET FIGHTER. (sans the new movie, and the game based on the old movie)  It was the first fighting game I ever played, and its one game I’ve owned just about every incarnation of!  STREET FIGHTER 4 was a fantastic edition to the series, getting back to the basics while creating something that walked the razors edge of 2-D and3-D.  I thought there was no way Capcom could top it.

Today, they didn’t top it, but they put a hell of a lot of sugar on it!

In the tradition of SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2, and the various IMPACT versions of 3, comes SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4!

Whats so grand?  How about 6 new characters to the STREET FIGHTER 4 game.  Announced already are T. HAWK, DEE JAY and a brand new character:



She’s a Korean Taekwondo specialist!

Now this isn’t a download upgrade, its a disc game, but will be sold at a cheaper price than the original.  THE BASTARDS you say?  For making you buy the first game back in February.  Well, Capcom quelled those fears that if you have both discs, you will receive something special for your hard earned money!  Some tweaks and adjustments have been made to the original to make a fully balanced game!

Check out the promo video below!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 is due out next spring!


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